Snapshots in time: Pictures of Venice in 1996

This ‘Snapshots in time’ post highlights a city which is well loved by holiday makers and photographers alike by featuring Venice, captured by an amateur photographer in April 1996.

In contrast to earlier ‘Snapshots in Time’ posts, these set of photos look much more recent because, frankly, they are. Although in all photos in these series the landscape often doesn’t change much over the years, the interest in the pictures comes from seeing how different the people and fashions look compared to the modern times. These pictures will therefore have less impact than others in the series, but I decided to publish them because over time they will become more interesting.

If anyone who views this post is familiar with Venice and spots a picture which was not taken in that city, please let me know. All these pictures were in a set marked ‘Venice’ but I have never been there and it’s possible that there are also scenes from other Italian cities.

The photographer who took these pictures was competent enough, but most of the pictures are a stop or two under exposed. Possibly he set the film speed incorrectly in his camera (although by 1996 most cameras were DX coded and set automatically), or perhaps he had the wrong meter mode selected?

Pictures of Venice

So these are the pictures. I think I’ve found the correct location for all the scenes, but if any appear to be wrong let me know in the comments please.

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Snapshots in time
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