Snapshots in time: Pictures of Oban in 1967

This post is the first in a series I’m working on which show a number of pictures from a known date and place. In this first post I’m going to feature a set of images from Oban, Scotland which were taken in 1967.

I found this set of images in a collection of slides I bought for the very reasonable price of £10 on eBay. For that price I picked up about 400 slides in plastic slide carriers and found a large number of them have been marked with locations and titles making it easy to find the exact location on a modern map. It was actually finding this set of slides which led me to creating this series of posts because there are a lot of different locations with some very interesting images.

The pictures as shown here have had minimal post processing. In fact, since I wrote my post about how images are scanned for back in January 2017, I’ve simplified the process quite a lot and now do most of the post scanning manipulation using on-line tools and dropbox rather than desktop software. This is quicker and also means I do less changes to the original picture – it’s generally just a case of cropping, exposure adjustment, adding a and titling the file.

Images from Oban, 1967

So here are the images in this set presented in a gallery.

There are a range of different views showing the town and harbour in August 1967. Unfortunately, to my mind they almost all have a slightly blue colour cast which I couldn’t remove in scanning, but that doesn’t distract from the historical interest of the pictures. Personally I find the images with people or cars in the most interesting, because they are the ones which show the most contrast with an image from the same position taken today, but hopefully there will be something of interest to anyone who views this post.

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Snapshots in time
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