Snapshots in time: Edinburgh July 1967

This post in the Snapshots in time series features a set of pictures taken in capital of Scotland, Edinburgh in the summer of 1967.

As with the other posts in the series so far, these pictures were taken by the same unknown photographer on a trip to Scotland in 1967. It looks like he either made several trips or stayed a while because the different sets of slides in these posts were processed over a two month period covering August and July in 67.

Whoever he was, the photographer certainly knew how to correctly expose images; colour slide film has far less exposure tolerance than black and white or colour negative film, but these pictures are mostly spot-on regarding the exposure. Remember that in 1967 it’s likely that he was either using a hand held light meter or a simple, single zone TTL meter in his camera so I find it pretty impressive that he got it right on nearly all his picture.

Anyway, looking at the photos themselves, to my mind the most interesting pictures are the street level images such as John Knox’s House on the royal mile, St. Giles cathedral, Burns house and the shoppers and traffic on Prince’s Street. These bring the differences between the current views of these locations and the view in 1967 into relief, particularly in relation to the car models and the fashions the people are wearing.

Pictures of Edinburgh

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Snapshots in time
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