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In this curated post, I’m going to show pictures that have been posted on found-film which show scenes from family life over the last 50 years.

Many of these pictures were taken at Christmas, which is of course the traditional time when families are together and also speaking historically, the time when most families had film loaded in their cameras and wanted to record Christmas as a family event.

The things I’ve spotted in these pictures which form a contrast with current family life are:

  • The interior decoration which in many cases is bolder than today’s more subtle trends.
  • How large the Televisions were in relation to the screen size. Today’s flat screen 50″ units are obviously bigger in than TVs in the 1950s, but they are in some ways less imposing than the 15″ model of 1955.
  • Men wore suits. In normal daily family life almost no one would wear a suit at home; in fact most people don’t wear a suit either at home or at work.
  • In several pictures the whole family is seated watching the TV or in conversation. That is not such a common occurrence today as children seem to spend more time in their rooms than with their parents.

Family Life Pictures

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