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Crich Tramway museum video on Found Film

When I started the Found-Film web site a couple of years or so ago, it was to show images I had found in film left in  cameras I had bought as part of my vintage camera collection. In the intervening months, that aim has developed into also including images from colour slides I’ve bought and I had the idea a while ago to also include amateur 8mm home movie film as well.

The inclusion of home movie film requires that I can scan and digitise the films and that has proved problematic, but a couple of weeks ago I thought about also including video from home camcorder tapes which are sold regularly on eBay. After a bit of investigation I bought a couple of tapes which were taken in the late 1990s and this post features the first video on – a video clip of the Crich Tramway museum which was taken on VHS-C tape in about 1998.

Now the Crich Tramway museum has not altered much in the 20 or so years since this video was shot, but the interest for me is in the social history of such clips. As the years pass, the clip will become more interesting as the world changes, but the video retains a window on life in the late 1990s.

I am hoping in the next few months to complete a project I have running to build an 8mm Telecine machine, and once that is working I will be adding move video clips to found film because I have a growing collection of 8mm home movie tapes just waiting to be digitised.

Crich Tramway Museum Video


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