Some Kodachrome red border colour slides from the 1950s

This week I bought a small collection of Kodachrome red border colour slides, which were all taken in the early 1950s, and I wanted to feature them in a post on Found-Film.

The images on the slides are not spectacularly good photographically. In the main they are simple family snap shots; some are poorly focused and a couple of badly exposed, but the thing which struck me most about them is the superb way they have retained their colour over the 60 odd years since they were first exposed.

In the couple of years since I started collecting slides I’ve come to the conclusion that Kodachrome was the best slide film ever produced and these Kodachrome red border colour slides have cemented that conclusion in my mind. Just about all the slides shown below have great colour and a brightness which really brings the picture to life. This may be slightly difficult to see in the scanned version of the images, but when they are viewed in real life they look fantastic.

There were reports earlier in the year that Kodak are going to re-introduce the Ektachrome range of colour slide film. Ektachrome was a traditional E-6 process and a good film, but what a shame that they can’t re-introduce Kodachrome. I can’t help thinking that would encourage a lot of people to take up film photography again!

Kodakchrome red border colour slides

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