Macro photos on film I’ve discovered

This post features some photographs I’ve found in my collection of colour slides over the last few months which have a subject matter in common. They have all been taken by different photographers who have had the intention of trying to take take macro photos on film; specifically, they have all tried to get good photos of insects.

The reason I’ve dedicated a post to these pictures is because I know how hard it is to get a good macro picture and although not all these pictures are spectacularly good, I think in light of the difficulty, all of them are good enough that the photographers should be commended.

As I say, I know how difficult it is to get good macro photographs and I have a multi-frame per second, digital camera with auto focus and auto exposure. These pictures were probably all taken with manual focus cameras and exposed using a light meter to measure the light and then apply compensation for things like extension tubes etc.

They were all also taken on 35mm film, which adds to the difficulty because the depth of field (amount of the picture in focus) is reduced as the frame size increases – so again, compared to my APS-C digital camera that’s another thing which didn’t help these photographers.

Finally, film speeds – especially colour slide film speeds – were much slower than the sensor speeds of modern digital cameras, so I might be able to shoot at 1600 ISO and increase the shutter speed to freeze movement, on colour film, most of these pictures would probably been taken at perhaps 64 ISO!

Macro Photos on Film

So these are the Macro photos on film I’ve discovered so far in my collection of 35mm colour slides – as I find more pictures I’ll add them to this post.

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