Medium format negatives from a professional photographer?

A few weeks ago I bought a set of about 200 medium format negatives on Agfacolor film from a seller on eBay for a few pounds, and over the last few weeks I’ve been scanning them and adding the images to the collection on Found-Film.

As I’ve looked at the scanned images from the negatives, I’ve been wondering if the photographer who took them was a professional photographer, and some of the images in this set were actually commissions which he or she undertook – they are a quite diverse set of images, and several of them seem to be very staged setups.

For example, in the images which are included below, as well as the family shots, there are a few at the end of the set which certainly seem to be staged publicity shots. The man greeting another man at the airport look like a typical corporate image, and the picture of a man walking down a set of steps at the beach seems to have the BOAC bag strategically placed to show the logo. And these shots are not alone; amongst the other negatives is a large collection of wedding pictures and corporate social events.

I guess it’s perfectly possible that the images were from a professional studio and they have turned up on eBay as a result of a house clearance – these things happen.

The other thing which struck me as I’ve been scanning the images is the great quality it’s possible to get from medium format negatives – some of the pictures have as much detail as modern digital images – perhaps that is another indicator that they were taken by a professional?

Medium format negatives

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  1. The medium format photo of the white tigers was taken at Bristol Zoo. The glass-windowed cage is distinctive. In the shot of the woman leaning against the yellow Ford the car has a Bristol reg (1969).

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