Dubrovnik city and the Franciscan Monastery in Sept 1974

Dubrovnik showing the old Franciscan Monastery tower taken in September 1974.

This picture was taken at the same time as the other picture of Dubrovnik I posted a few moments ago, but the photographer has turned to face the other direction where they could see the tower of the old Franciscan Monastery.

This picture, like the other, shows a normal street scene, but I wonder how many of the people shown are local residents and now many are tourists? Being on the coast, Dubrovnik was probably a tourist destination and anyway would certainly interest people looking for historical buildings rather than sun and sand.

Photo categories : Church|Town or CityDate Picture Taken: 01 Sep 1974
Dubrovnik city and the Franciscan Monastery

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  • Dubrovnik and the Bell Tower in Sept 1974
  • Dubrovnik city and the Franciscan Monastery

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