Crich Tramway museum – June 1965

This is the second picture in a series which shows the Crich Tramway museum in June 1965. This picture shows some visitors to the museum enjoying a ride on one of the open air trams and viewing the countryside around the museum. As I said in the other picture in the series, this was taken during the very early days of the museum as the land was only acquired in 1959, so these must be some of the earliest pictures of visitors actually riding the trams.

I have a particular interesting in this series since we visited the same museum only a week or so ago! Although the picture doesn’t show any easily distinguished markings on the tram, I looked through all the pictures I took during our visit to see if I could find a red and white open top model, but couldn’t find the particular tram shown in this picture, so I don’t know if it is still running or not. It’s possible of course that it simply wasn’t running on the day we visited.

Crich Tramway museum

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  • Crich Tram Museum
  • Crich Tramway museum

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