Women sitting on a pebble beach

This good quality Kodachrome slide shows two women sitting on a pebble beach somewhere in bright summer sunshine. The age difference between the two women suggest that this could possibly be a family picture? It is possible that the woman closest to the camera is the mother of the woman next to her although the glasses tend to hide enough of their faces that I may be totally off on that. We have to remember that there is a third character in this picture which is the photographer who could be the father if the scene I’ve painted is true.

Talking about the sunglasses, shape of the of them, and the clothes worn suggest that his picture was possibly taken in the late 1950s.

Regarding the location, I don’t know where this picture was taken but there are some clues in the picture. It’s a pebble beach with cliffs behind and I can just make out in the background some bathing huts so although I don’t know where it is, it is possible someone would recognise it.

Photo categories : Beach|Portrait|SeascapeDate Picture Taken: Unknown
Women on beach

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