Early picture of Crich Tram Museum – June 1965

A picture of the Tram museum at Crich taken on Kodachrome film in June 1965.

This seems to show a tram moving into or out of the workshop, and a group of people who appear to be moving or laying track. There also seems to be a large pile of track laying on a bank on the left hand side of the picture. It’s easy to look at this picture and dismiss it, but a quick bit of research of the history of the museum suggests the the land for the site was only acquired in 1959, so this picture probably shows some of the early volunteers at work.

It’s a shame that the picture is not clearer but it is suffering a bit from dirt on the actual slide, and also from being a bit soft when the picture was taken – possibly the camera used was not of the highest quality.

Photo categories : Public Building|TramDate Picture Taken: 01 Jun 1965
Crich Tram Museum

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