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Family Portrait from America in 1961

This Kodachrome slide from 1961 shows what seems to be a typical family snapshot of a group standing outside their home. It’s a touch spoiled by the fact that the focus is not quite perfect so the main subjects are not sharp – I suspect that the light was quite low and therefore the camera’s aperture was opened up which made the focus more critical. The focus error suggests that the camera used had zone or symbol focusing rather than being an SLR or rangefinder.

Since the picture seems to be missing one important family member, I suspect that the mother of this family is the one holding the camera.

The picture itself has retained all the colour saturation and depth that you expect from Kodachrome, although in this case it may be because the picture is slightly under exposed.

The location is unknown but the house construction and the clothes being worn suggests this is America.

Family Portrait

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