How do I?

Here are some questions that may occur to the first time visitor to this site.

How do I find photos I might like?

The easiest way to find photos on a particular subject is to use the search box in the top right hand corner and just type a phrase you are interested in. Once you press Enter, thumbnails of any pictures which match your phrase will be shown along with a brief description of it and a set of picture classifications which apply. If you click on any of the pictures you can then view it in full size.

Another way to browse the pictures is to use the Browse Pictures link in the main menu and the pictures will be presented in a grid ordered by the date they have been posted. Just click any picture to see it in full size.

When you view any picture you will see it is categorised, and the categories are displayed above the picture in the full size view. Each of these categories is a clickable link which will show you other pictures which are also categorised in the same way. The most popular picture categories are also available as a drop down menu in the main site menu above.

Finally, each picture has a set of other terms applied to them such as film type, film make etc and these are selectable from the main menus at the top of the screen.